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Men do not have the energy to give love, unless their testosterone levels are up. We need this. We can do things to stimulate that. The most important is your question. Is it really that big of a deal? What do I have to do about that?

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She feels the disconnection. We started over, okay. The record just starts over again. At that moment, where I start, I can see defensiveness coming like an orgasm coming, okay. You can see things coming in the distance. Remember Lidocaine. The defensiveness is coming. I can see where this is going. Now most guys are starting to get depressed. Oh no. Where this is going down and down and down. Let me come back to my point being, okay. She wants to feel connected to you. For her to feel more loving, more feminine, more cooperative, more relaxed, more peaceful, more safe. Any of those qualities, estrogen levels go up.

She needs this new thing. But they were happy til they died. It was a different world then. This is for many couples, marriage. Change each other. So keep pushing really hard so you fall out of your chair. Come to me baby.

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Yeah, I love you. So you do your best. I want this conversation to be over. So I need to come back into control of this, kind of like riding a wild horse, okay. I gotta control it. How do you control it? Take charge of the conversation. How do you do that? This is kung fu relationship skills. She will stop resisting you instantly.

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Oh, tell me more. I want to know more about that. Another one is, help me understand that better. See, who is in control now?

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You say to her at that point, what else? Three magic phrases to save your marriage, live a happy life like I have. So what are they? Tell me more. Help me understand that better. What else? She cannot climax without 20 times more estrogen than you. Communication and talking is one of the most powerful estrogen stimulators for both men and women.

Off the radar

But men, do we need more estrogen? So stop talking, ask questions. Ask questions. Now that we have that understanding, then we have a code phrase that works. It can be buying something.

Why we need to get back to Venus

It just sort of pops out of nowhere. It will just come out. What else or tell me more. A few of those.

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Oh, I got a clap on that. Women are powerful. And, they also need us men. The most important thing they need about us … They used to need as the provider. Now they can provide for themselves. So women have lost touch with what do I need a man for. So what do you need him for? These new things. A good listener. Someone who can be there for you.

And of course, the big bang. They may not know it. Or they never had the right stimulation. But this is all part of marriage. Why do we get married today? And yet half of marriages are asexual after a few years. What happened? So many people today, twice as many people today are single. Because you lose that attraction. This is how you keep the attraction. For women, you need this estrogen. This was the build big up, like my foreplay, so you get to this, what do we do? What do I do? They are complicated.

What would It be like to stand on Mercury's surface?

Got it. But women just sometimes complain. She loves to do this. I could care less. Sometimes I take my shoes off watching late news or something like that and I leave them. Do you want me to put them in the closet? What do women need most? To be heard. It just beats somebody down. Thank you for setting me up for my new joke.

What Was It Like When Venus And Mars Became Uninhabitable Planets?

I was just in Canada where I had a big talk and I open it up with my one Canadian joke. Why does the Canadian chicken cross the road? To get to the middle.