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The other two woods have a low profile that helps drive the golf ball deep and long from the fairway.

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The irons benefit from a wide sole that helps tear through the turf to make sure that the first thing that contacts the ball is the club face. For beginning golfers, a wide sole keeps the club steady and low to the ground for enhanced contact.

In the XL set, the sole is perimeter weighted to maximize forgiveness holding the ball along your target line. Although there is no sand wedge in the Top Flite XL set, the pitching wedge and putter perform admirably around the green. The winged mallet putter does a great job at keeping the ball on line while reducing the skidding that knocks a putt away from the hole.

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This affordable set covers a lot of bases that will help any beginner perform in style with the unique purple finish. Accompanied by a dual-strap bag that makes this set perfect for amateur tournaments, the M5 set is a solid choice for beginning golfers of any age. Even though beginners should turn their attention to the fairway wood and hybrid, when the time comes to learn the driver, the M5 set has a monster cc that performed well during our testing. Solid through the golf ball, all three woods did a solid job of achieving a nice ball height and moderate distance.

The irons included in the M5 set are the 5-iron through pitching wedge. Again, it is disappointing that we have another complete set that has disregarded the sand wedge and although it is upon you to buy one, the reduced cost of the M5 set will certainly offset those future expenditures. During our testing, the irons stayed solid with their graphite shafts minimizing vibrations and aiding in providing solid contact on the golf ball.

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Completing the M5 set is a fine stand bag that complements the colors of the set well. In addition to the bag, the wide mallet putter was a standout, with the soft insert promoting true roll on the golf ball. Very affordable, the Knight set has some nice features that piqued our interest as some of the clubs seem tailored to helping beginning golfers get the ball easily into the air.

This feature is encouraging as all beginners need help getting the ball off the ground. There are four irons in this set, starting with a 6-iron and ending with a 9-iron. And although the cavity-backed irons offer a sizable sweet spot, they are a little heavy for our taste. The short game clubs in this set left us wanting more as there are only a pitching wedge and a blade-style putter.

Rounding out the set is a functional cart bag and two headcovers that will keep the dings off of your woods. With clubs that encourage ball height, this set could really get a beginner hooked minutes after they take it out of the box. When purchasing a complete set of clubs , it is essential to evaluate the construction of the clubs.

Cheaply made clubs can dramatically affect performance due to low-quality materials and poor design. Each component of a club needs to be examined from the grip to the shaft and finally, the clubhead. As you look over the club set, answer one simple question: Who is the company that is making the clubs? For beginning golfers, the driver is the least important club in the bag.

When you are developing your swing, the driver is the hardest club to hit and should be avoided when you are practicing. As you increase your swing speed and your expertise, coaches will want to bring the driver into play. First, does it have a loft of around degrees? Does it have a graphite shaft to help boost your ball speed? One of the hardest things to find when buying a complete set is finding the right fit for your game. Graphite shafts allow for a softer flex that helps slower swingers easily return the clubface to the ball in the square position at impact.

The quickest way to lowering your score is by improving your skills around the green.

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This improvement comes via mastering the wedge game and steadying your putter when you are on the green. When purchasing a complete set, some golfers will run into a common problem: Most sets only come with one wedge. And not only do they come with just one wedge, but it is typically a pitching wedge that has a loft of 48 degrees. Most amateurs need higher lofted wedges to help navigate through sand and high rough alongside the green.

For the putter , it is important to know what style you prefer; whether it be blade or mallet, you must check the style of the putter in the set you are purchasing. Complete sets are popular among amateurs because they offer a simple way to hit the course without having to buy or search for additional products.

From having a complete set of clubs, most companies include a bag and other amenities to make it simple to load up and play 18 holes. The most common accessory found in complete sets is a bag. There are two types of bags typically found in these sets, and they are cart bags and stand bags. Cart bags are made for use with a golf cart. They have no stand but do offer more room for your golf balls, tees and other items you may bring to the course.

Stand bags have two pop-out legs that help keep the bag off of the grass when walking the course. Each golf club consists of three parts: the grip, the shaft, and the club head.


Amateur men, on average, have higher swing speeds than amateur women. As a result, the shaft flex and club head weight will differ for each gender. These differences are specially designed to help both golfers maximize their ball height and distance. Whereas a male might use a 9. Manufacturers use graphite because it is lighter and will increase swing speed. Graphite also allows for a softer shaft flex which helps slower swings return to square when hitting the golf ball. This difference in weight is because a heavier club head will stay lower to the ground, improving contact at impact.

Most amateurs make the mistake of looking at the woods included as a marker for the quality of the entire club set. By doing this, the amateur ignores a simple fact that the majority of their shots will take place with lower irons, wedges and their putter. In most sets, companies will try to skimp and save by creating a low-standard putter. Make sure you know if the set comes with a mallet-style or blade putter. Most complete sets will have a pitching wedge but not a sand wedge. With the irons, it is important to see if the irons start high, say around a 5-iron, with the 3 and 4-irons being replaced by hybrids.

Hybrids are easier to hit and for amateurs, make more sense. Check the shafts of the irons as graphite-shafted irons are lighter and will increase swing speed. Finally, with the woods, the most important feature you are studying is the loft. Edited by: Jordan Fuller. Reviewed by: John Marshall. Last Update:. Great forgiveness and distance. What we don't love: Included driver has a loft of Learn More. Exceptional quality clubs and feel at impact. What we love: Exceptional quality from Callaway, each club in the set has been made with care Irons are incredibly reliable and deliver some of the best feel at impact that we tested Each club has a sleek look that pairs well with the high-quality stand bag.

What we don't love: Not much to dislike here, but we would have a liked another long hybrid in this set. By Callaway Reviews Price not available. Best Golf Clubs For Women. Featured Recommendations. Product Name. Our Ranking.

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Ranked 1. Ranked 2. Ranked 3. Our Grade. Feature 1. Comes with two wedges, including a degree sand wedge for improved short game. From woods to the irons, the most consistently solid club set we tested. Exceptional quality from Callaway, each club in the set has been made with care. Feature 2. A stylish and lightweight stand bag has several pockets for increased storage. Irons are incredibly reliable and deliver some of the best feel at impact that we tested.

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