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Okay, now comes the fun part. What do you say when somebody else asks you for directions? Lo cruzas.

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Cuando llegues 5 al final, giras a la derecha y Maldonado es la segunda 6 a la izquierda. You cross it. When you get to the end, you turn to the right and Maldonado is the second on the left. It could be a map, your watch, or your lease agreement. This is totally optional but highly encouraged. Recto also means straight, but it lacks Spanish emphasis.

Porque voy un poco mal de tiempo 2. Llegas enseguida 3. Give me a little more time. Last Update: Usage Frequency: 1 Quality:.

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Just give me a bit more time. Solamente dame un poco de tu tiempo. Just give Me some of your time. Dale un poco de tiempo.

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Give it a little time. Date un poco de tiempo.

Just give yourself some time. Dame un poco de tiempo para pensar. Give me some time to think.

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There is time. Take a little time. It will take a bit of time. Necesito un poco de tiempo. I need a little time.

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Solo necesito un poco de tiempo. I just need some time.

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Have a little faith in me. So Have a little faith in me. In only takes a little time When we use "poco" with a verb is usually expressing intensity or frequency. There is no agreement in gender and number because there's no noun to agree with.

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The difference is subtle and slightly different depending on the verb, so let's see some examples and you can take conclusions:. Be careful because you might think you need to agree "poco" with the adjective and the person, but you shouldn't, still modifies the verb how much you ARE that. Es un poco nerviosa - She's a bit nervous.

Son un poco celosos - They're a bit jealous. Soy poco ordenada -I'm not very tidy.

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Somos poco exagerados - We're not very exaggerated. Eres poco generosa - You're not very generous. I have little time to go out. There are only a few things that bother me. We're a little bit impatient. They are not very excited. I know you are feeling a bit stressed.

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