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German Idealism develops its philosophy of history as the theory of becoming absolute and as absolute knowledge. Historism also originates from Hegel's and Schelling's discovery of absolute historicity as it turns against Idealism's philosophy of history by emphasizing the singular and unique in the process of history.

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German Idealism and Historism can be considered as the central German contribution to the history of ideas. Since Idealism became most influential for modern philosophy and Historism for modern historiography, they are analyzed in this volume in a collaboration of philosophers and historians. The volume further presents the impact of Idealism and Historism on present German approaches to the philosophy of history and outlines the debates on the possibility of a philosophy of history and on the methodology of the historical sciences.

Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This sample exceeded the guideline value for uranium in drinking water. The uranium concentration in small-scale water supplies was found to be slightly higher than that in central water works in Schleswig-Holstein. The results indicate that the uranium burden in drinking water from small wells is mainly determined by geological factors. An additional anthropogenic effect of soil management cannot be excluded.

Overall uranium concentrations were low and not causing health concerns.

Much more than documents.

However, in specific cases higher concentrations may occur. Seasonal variation in the occurrence of planktic bivalve larvae in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea. In the late s, recruitment failures of the mussel Mytilus edulis led to economic problems in the mussel fishing and cultivation industries of northwestern Europe. As part of a collaborative study to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms affecting recruitment processes of mussels, plankton samples were collected regularly over a four-year period from three stations in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea.

Abundances of mussel larvae peaked 2 to 4 weeks after spawning maxima in the adult populations.

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Although variations in timing and amplitude of the total larval densities occurred, annual abundances of M. A close relationship was found between peaks in larval abundance and phytoplankton blooms. Differences in larval concentrations in the ebb and the flow currents were insignificant. Most larvae were found to originate from local stocks, although imports from outside the area do occur.

Although the impact of this screening on the stage-specific incidence of melanoma is of great importance for screening evaluation, it remains unknown.

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In theory, an effective skin cancer screening program should result in a medium-term incidence decrease of melanomas with a prognostically unfavorable stage. This is studied on a population-based level by using cancer registry data. Based on data from the Cancer Registry of Schleswig-Holstein for , stage-specific T-category of the TNM-classification system age-standardized incidence rates were calculated. After implementation of the SCREEN project, the incidence of prognostically favorable melanomas in situ and T1 was higher than before, while the incidence of advanced melanomas T2, T3, and for women also T4 decreased considerably.

The classification of tumor stages changed during the project period, which may have contributed to an artificial decrease of the stages with a poor prognosis. Nevertheless, the results are in agreement with the observed decrease of melanoma mortality in the screening region. Quality and risk management in hospitals are not only required by law but also for an optimal patient-centered and process-optimized patient care.

To evaluate the maturity levels of quality and risk management at the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein UKSH , a structured analytical tool was developed for easy and efficient application. Four criteria concerning quality management - quality assurance QS , critical incident reporting system CIRS , complaint management BM and process management PM - were evaluated with a structured questionnaire.

Every quality item was graded into four categories from "A" fully implemented to "D" not implemented at all. First of all, an external assessment was initiated by the head of the department of quality and risk management. Thereafter, a self-assessment was performed by 46 clinical units of the UKSH. Discrepancies were resolved in a collegial dialogue. Based on these data, overall maturity levels were obtained for every clinical unit.

The overall maturity level "A" was reached by three out of 46 6.

Angeletics Work in Progress

No unit was graded with maturity level "D". The distribution of the four different quality criteria revealed a good implementation of complaint management maturity levels "A" and "B" in As a consequence, extensive procedures were implemented to raise the standard of quality and risk management. In future, maturity levels will be reevaluated every two. A precondition for the evaluation of outcomes in cohort studies and screening programmes is the availability of follow-up data.

In Germany, established cancer registries provide such data for incident primary cancer diseases and mortality. To utilise these cancer registry data a person's identifying code has to be correctly linked to study or programme records, a procedure which, up to date, has been only rarely used in Germany. Name, date of birth and address of the QuaMaDi cohort members were coded in the confidential administration center of the registry.

Datasets were synchronised for each match, so that QuaMaDi participants could be identified in the registry file. In a next step epidemiological registry records were linked to the QuaMaDi study records. The accuracy of classifying outcome was assessed by agreement measures, i. In cases of disagreement, a questionnaire has been sent to QuaMaDi patients' gynaecologists to validate the final diagnosis. Absolute agreement between files according to diagnosed or suspected breast cancer was After correction of the final diagnosis according to the physician's responses, agreement measures slightly improved in both groups of ascertained diagnosis including and excluding the suspected cases.

Within QuaMaDi the diagnosed breast cancer cases were predominantly.

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In rural areas of Schleswig-Holstein , Germany, drinking water for about 37 people is provided by approximately 10 small-scale water supplies. For those wells data on pesticides in the drinking water are rare. In this study small-scale water supplies, mainly situated in areas with intensive agriculture, fruit-growing or tree-nursery, were selected and the drinking water was analysed for pesticides.

In 68 samples at least one agent or metabolite was detectable, 38 samples showed multiple contaminations. Bentazone was the most frequently detected biocidal agent. These data show that pesticides in drinking water from small-scale supplies are a notable issue in preventive public health. In a region of Schleswig-Holstein , a regional budget was used to investigate which structural changes would be brought about by a financial plan which enables clinical treatment that defies rigid financial limits and makes flexible treatment in various settings possible.

In 5 years, the number of inpatient treatment places in the care region was reduced considerably. Day care and outpatient treatment offers were expanded substantially and new treatment concepts were established. The quality of treatment remained safeguarded. A regional budget is suitable for bringing about fundamental changes in terms of content and structure in psychiatric care.

The result is clearly improved flexibility as compared to previous care structures; incentives for disorders are reduced. The principle "outpatient before inpatient" is strengthened. The financial plan can be transposed onto other regions, whereby modifications according to the structure of the care region seem necessary. Epidemiology of cutaneous melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer in Schleswig-Holstein , Germany: Population-based figures on skin cancer are essential for a realistic assessment of the personal disease burden, prevention modes and the need for caring.

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The Robert Koch Institute in Germany estimates the incidence of melanoma skin cancer as seven cases in persons age-standardized by the European standard rate. Population-based studies presumably show higher incidence rates of cases in persons. Few data exist for non-melanoma skin cancer NMSC as this is not systematically registered in Germany. To present the first population-based results from the Schleswig-Holstein Germany Cancer Registry on incidence, stage distribution, clinical types and localization of skin cancer and to compare the results with other studies. The Cancer Registry of the Bundesland Schleswig-Holstein with registering institutions, of which are dermatological institutions, investigates all notifiable incident cancer cases according to international standards.

I. Der Wille zur Macht als Erkenntniß.

From the recorded data all melanoma and NMSC cases were identified and evaluated. For MM, age-standardized incidence rates were However, markedly higher incidences. This leads to the location and year-specific optimised control of the pathogen and of the associated yield performance. After several years of development in Bavaria from on and Schleswig-Holstein , the model was tested as part of a project involving the Universities of Bonn and Kiel and the plant protection services of the German states of Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein in a three-year study in interregional locations usually nine per state with the winter wheat variety Ritmo interregional indicator variety and a further variety of regional importance in different variations untreated control, three to four times growth stage-oriented variants for the determination of the absolute damage potential, IPM-variant.

In exact records approx. With the genetically uniform indicator variety Ritmo, the results documented substantially differing year- and location-specific disease and yield patterns. Interregionally, a broad wheat pathogen spectrum Puccinia striiformis, P. Septoria nodorum, Blumeria syn. Erysiphe graminis, Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides, Drechslera tritici-repentis in differing composition, disease severity and damage effect was demonstrated. The heterogeneity of the infection and damage patterns was increased in the case of the second variety, in.

We present microbiologic findings in harbor seal phoca; Phoca vitulina carcasses collected from the North Sea of Schleswig-Holstein , Germany, , and interpret results in relation to potential variations caused by phocine distemper virus and influenza A virus mass mortalities. We conducted microbiologic investigations on 2, tissue samples from lung, liver, kidney, spleen, intestine, and mesenteric lymph nodes from dead harbor seals of the German North Sea.

A large variety of bacteria, including potentially pathogenic species such as Bordetella bronchiseptica , Brucella spp. These bacteria were associated with bronchopneumonia, gastroenteritis, hepatitis, polyarthritis, nephritis, myositis, myocarditis, and septicemia. Bordetella bronchiseptica and Streptococcus equi subsp. Many bacteria were detected in tissues of dead harbor seals, of which E. Zoonotic bacteria such as Brucella spp. Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae showed an almost regular 4-yr oscillating trend.

Because zoonotic bacteria are regularly found, handling of dead and live harbor seal specimens should be conducted carefully to prevent transmission to humans.